Welcome to Bakkekontakt

Sosial bakkestasjon for Spacelings - kun tilgjengelig for Foreningen Stjernefolkets medlemmer

Not Currently Available for Purchase

Velkommen inn til Bakkekontakt!

Denne bakkestasjonen er drevet av tidligere Space Family, nå under Foreningen Stjernefolket! Du er velkommen til å delta av som du er - så lenge du overholder den gode gamle Kardemommeloven! 

Trenger du flere retningslinjer rundt hvordan du å oppføre seg her inne, kan du se til foreningens originalutgave av retningslinjer skrevet in inglish høsten 2021: 

1. We the members of Stjernefolket will be a force for good in the world, traveling into a truly sustainable future; supporting the transition from destruction to regeneration, from ego-centric to eco-centric and from the suffering of separation to the flourishing of human potential in unity with our home planet The Mother Earth. 

2. We welcome anyone that resonate with the spirit of Foreningen Stjernefolket. As conscious sovereign individuals we hold that all involvement is based on free will, genuine inspiration and the desire to contribute and co-create.

3. We do our best to contribute to the community to the extent of our personal ability - without judgement and while taking responsibility for ourselves and our boundaries.

4. We realize that positive change is intimately linked with the transformation of the individual, and serve as a container that can support, encourage and empower each other in the creation of more genuine ways of expressing our nature and our connection to the cosmos.

5. We strive to cultivate curiosity, compassion and acceptance. We understand that the world is a rich kaleidoscope of colour and envision Space Family to be a beautiful tapestry of beliefs, knowledge and talent.

6. We support creativity in all its forms, and encourage a playful approach to trying out new things and support each other in our individual development.

7. We love to play, and accept and encourage the silly presence of our own and our fellow crew members inner child.

8. We encourage each other in realizing our individual life purpose and support ideas, projects and initiatives to bring personal-collective growth, paradigm changing solutions and play. We meet projects and initiatives taken by members through kind words, mentorship, active participation and contribution. 

9. We value the relative truth of our experience, knowing that science has a useful place in our world, whilst understanding the limits of our knowledge and the capacity to describe irrational aspects which cannot generally be perceived. 

10. We collectively encourage spiritual unfoldment of the individual through exchanging and sharing rituals, modalities and beliefs, while at the same time deeply respecting and protecting that each human has a different perspective on life, and a unique path to walk for finding meaning and belonging.

11. Together we hold that all life is sacred, and that a human being is an integral part of it.